Xiaomao Wu: Empowering Film Makers with Realtime Technologies

Cinebox’s power discovered by the film industry


The film industry has been searching for realtime technologies actively to speed up their pipelines for many years. At the same time, the game industry has been improving their rendering quality, learning and integrating film technologies such as Physically Based Rendering, Alembic cache, Subdivision Surface etc. Crytek had been working on CryEngine powered Cinebox in the last 5 years closely with Hollywood Big Six and worldwide top VFX studios. Cinebox as a pipeline which is co-developed and pushed together by both game and film industry talents, showing the full potential of how realtime technologies can benefit film makers from previs to final output with unified assets and a smooth pipeline. In this keynote, Dr. Wu will share his team’s experience on the efforts of stitching the movie and game technology and production gap.


Dr. Xiaomao Wu is Project Lead at Crytek Frankfurt Studio, Senior Associate Editor of ACM Computer in Entertainment, and Industrial Chair of Springer Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games. He is the committee member of ACM SIGGRAPH Motion in Games 2014, VRCAI 2014 and Industry Talks of Eurographcis 2014. He is now directing the Cinebox project, working with Hollywood and other film/TV studio on real-time rendering, animation and state-of-the-art film making pipeline. He received his Ph. D. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and continued his postdoctoral research at INRIA. Before joining Crytek, he worked at Autodesk, Microsoft, and INRIA on computer graphics and animation. His major research has been published in IEEE CG&A, Eurographics, ACM/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation and Computers & Graphics.


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