The workshop series is organized by a steering committee composed of

  • Magy Seif El-Nasr (Northeastern University),
  • R. Michael Young (NC State University),
  • Joseph Magliano (Northern Illinois University),
  • Paolo Burelli (Aalborg University Copenhagen),
  • Arnav Jhala (UC Santa Cruz),
  • Remi Ronfard (Inria Grenoble).

This 4th edition of the workshop will be co-organized by Remi Ronfard and Marc Christie. The Program Chair will be William Bares.

Remi Ronfard ( is a senior researcher in the IMAGINE team at Inria and the University of Grenoble. His main research interests are in action recognition from video, statistical analysis of film styles, and virtual cinematography. He has been an expert in the MPEG group and has directed an R&D team on automatic cinematography and movie editing at Montreal-based startup Xtranormal Technologies. He has co-organized three successful international workshops on 3-D cinematography, as well as the previous edition of the intelligent cinematography and editing workshop (WICED’2014). He has published 70 papers in computer graphics and computer vision.

Marc Christie ( ) is an associate professor at University of Rennes 1, and a member of the INRIA Mimetic team. His research mainly focuses on virtual cinematography, exploring interactive and automated techniques to assist creators in the crafting of camera viewpoints, camera paths and camera edits in virtual environments. He coauthored the first state of the art paper in this topic (Eurographics 2006), presented a course at Siggraph Asia 2009, and authored a number of paper on visibility computation, automated editing, and interactive tools for virtual cinematography.

William Bares ( is an assistant professor of Computer Science at College of Charleston. His research investigates how intelligent cinematic systems can augment the creative decision-making processes of skilled cinematographers as well as to guide novices as they learn to practice the art.

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